Campaign Monetization

Allows clients to generate additional, and predictable, revenue from their online sales funnel. We help you choose the right point of sale up-sell (or down-sell) customer loyalty program that fits best with your offer.

Loyalty program provider options include digital and print subscriptions to magazines, discount shopping, Rebate shopping, Identity Theft Protection, Roadside assistance, Discount Travel, Fitness & Wellness Coaching, and Pre-paid Legal Service.

We can assist in choosing the ideal program to pair with your main offer with upsell terms are that favorable to a factoring facility. Our clients contract directly with the loyalty program provider. We are not compensated by any loyalty program provider and referrals are recommended solely on the merits of the provider or individual loyalty program.

Online Sales Campaign Financing

We offer new or rapidly growing campaigns an option to create a predictable, ancillary source of cash flow. We can assist in the ability to scale without having to compromise quality for quantity. Continue to scale in comfort while providing the same expected level of quality performance to your vendors, partners and customers.

We provide options to partner with a loyalty program provider and a factoring facility. These relationships result in short term cash infusions, effectively resulting in financing …without the burden of repayment.

Factoring Receivables

An online B2C sales environment offers few financing options for advertisers. Our core service to clients is to combine a monetization partner and factoring partner to turn your current campaign into a predictable source of cashflow, or to position your upsell program as an asset which can be sold upon demand as your business grows.

The factoring arrangements we provide typically will never require repayment, regardless of member cancellations or non-payment.