Solutions & Decision Making Tools

Our core focus is combining a monetization partner and factoring facility to turn your
current campaign into a predictable source of cash flow


Campaign Monetization

Allows clients to generate additional, and predictable, revenue from their online sales funnel. We help you choose the right point of sale up-sell (or down-sell) customer loyalty program that fits best with your offer.

Online Sales Campaign Financing

We offer new or rapidly growing campaigns an option to create a predictable, ancillary source of cash flow. We can assist in the ability to scale without having to compromise quality for quantity.

Factoring Receivables

An online B2C sales environment offers few financing options for advertisers. Our core service to clients is to combine a monetization partner and factoring partner to turn your current campaign into a predictable source of cashflow,

Decision Making Tools

BQI      (BIN Quality Index)

BQI      is another free service provided to clients to identify, in real time, credit card issuing banks who have demonstrated certain chargeback ratios within continuity subscription offers.

Chargeback Reduction

Combining our solutions and decision-making tools allows our clients to achieve optimal chargeback ratios.