Customer Acquisition

Media Communications excels in performance based campaigns with over 20 years of experience. We currently specialize in the skin and teeth verticals. Our experienced 50 seat domestic call center is an ideal partner for Continuity/Auto Shipment enrolments for skin and teeth advertisers on a CPA basis. Our overall strategy can be used or refined for any campaign. High standards, constant performance reviews and adaptability maximize performance and profitability. A quality customer experience in an increasingly digital world lends to a higher quality order with better retention and increased profits.


  • Domestic Call Center
  • Performance based
  • Quality Customer experience

Data Monetization


Leads can earn over $1.00 per record!

Experienced US based agents specialize in monetizing partial data in the skin and teeth verticals. Shopping cart abandons are those customers who show interest in your product, but did not fully complete an online transaction. An easily integrated API will receive your data real time, and be available for call center agents to maximize contacts and conversions for the highest possible revenue.

We convert 1 out of every 12 leads. That high conversion rate allows us to offer top payouts per lead. Partners can enjoy weekly payouts and access to real time web-based reporting.


  • Experienced US Agents
  • Specializing in skin and teeth verticals
  • Easy integration
  • Real time, transparent reporting
  • Weekly payouts
  • Fully TCPA Compliant

OCC / Welcome Calls

Our Welcome Call Campaigns increase net profits. We ensure quality, improve your retention and our process is easy to integrate. We increase revenue by adding a low price point sale during the call that includes a custom billing cycle, no increases in chargebacks and does not interfere with your original product. Clients can earn an average of $10.08 per record. Combined with partial data monetization, clients can see on average $12 in additional revenue.


  • Increase Net Profits
  • Ensure Quality
  • Improve Retention

Back Office Support

We offer outsourcing services to advertisers who market subscription based products & services. Our services include call center sales, customer service, collections, data processing, supply chain management, merchant processing management, accounting, web design & development.

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