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With a focus on identity theft protection and detection, it uses state-of-the-art software that is a pioneer in the identity theft security industry. It helps in detecting fraud early through making users aware of:

• Suspicious activities
• Changes in risk level
• Identity vulnerabilities
• Fraud

Another effective use of the identity theft protection program is by giving users the tools to proactively defend themselves against:

• Computer Viruses
• Hackers
• Spyware
• Malware
And More

Moreover, members can take advantage of an ICFE Certified Restoration Specialist that helps in restoring information to get the lives of those who had been victimized by identify thefts become normal again. These restoration services include:

• Restore your credit to pre-theft status
• Reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses

As if those are not enough, another practical feature that this client provides to highly ensure all members of identity theft protection is the Identity Risk Score. It is a generated score ranging from 1-999 that describes your overall identity theft risk. By knowing beforehand how you stand against identity thefts through this simple scoring system, you will be able to prepare the necessary precautions.

How effective is it? The leading telecommunications, financial services, and retail companies, as well as healthcare providers and government agencies use this same identity monitoring technology which they rely upon to protect their information from identity theft. This means, your identity score is highly effective in protecting you from identity theft.

Aside from the specific ID Score, users will also receive a qualitative assessment with levels Low, Moderate, or High to help you understand the risk level associated with your score.

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