BQI      (BIN Quality Index)

BQI      is another free service provided to clients to identify, in real time, credit card issuing banks who have demonstrated certain chargeback ratios within continuity subscription offers.

Using a simple API integrated with your sales funnel, you can obtain scoring based on an individual subscribers’ credit card issuer, and that specific issuers’ established pattern of chargeback ratios, and average subscription revenue.

BIN Quality scoring is based on millions of transactions processed by that specific card issuer within the past 24 months, and provides you the intelligence needed to make risk decisions balanced with the need to maintain healthy conversion ratios.

Chargeback Reduction

Combining our solutions and decision-making tools allows our clients to achieve optimal chargeback ratios.

Implementing a customer loyalty upsell program, in addition to offering ancillary cash flow source, also directly reduces chargeback ratios. This effect is multiplied by factoring your customer at a strategic timeline during the customer lifecycle, thereby avoiding handling those transactions most likely to be problematic from a merchant processing perspective.

Chargeback reduction is further multiplied by implementing our BQI scoring system, allowing you to avoid transactions entirely that are most likely to chargeback.