Media Communications – Established in 1991


Tom Johnson

Founder & CEO

Tom Johnson is the Founder of Media Communications Corp. and has served as CEO for over 29 years.

As chief executive officer, Tom continues to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

Catering to both international and domestic clientele, Media Communications Corp provides Product Development solutions to Digital Marketers.

Offers online merchants a spectrum of turnkey solutions to reduce operating risk, increase revenue and net income.

Lisa Adams

Chief Marketing Officer

Top-performing sales, marketing, and business development professional with proven ability to drive business expansion through aggressive sales initiatives.

With over 15 years experience working in the sales and marketing industry, Lisa’s accelerated career path includes holding the positions of Senior VP of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, she led the company’s initiative to structure databases and improve technology.

Lisa currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Media Communications Corp.

Robert Glen Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Continuously monitor market variations, adapt proactively, recognizing that our industry niche will remain intensely competitive, highly fragmented and subject to rapid change.

Lead Product Development, FP&A, Accounting, HR, Client Service, Technical and Operating Teams.

Oversee affiliated partnerships, subsidiary firms, joint ventures and specialized digital marketing efforts. (Media Communications Corp, Publisher’s Selection, Upsell Marketplace, CBS Call Center)

Rhobi Lyn Banal

Chief Financial Officer

Highly organized, proactive and results oriented professional with an advanced accounting and business degree, diverse knowledge across industries and over 14 years of experience in the fields of audit, accounting, finance and management.

Works closely with the CEO, directors and top management on ensuring a strong return on investment for the various campaigns and projects undertaken by the team.

Performs financial modeling and forecasting guiding the Company’s strategic financial direction.