2013 Marketing Trends for Online and Affiliate Marketers

With the year coming to a close, forward-thinking marketers are looking at trends in store for 2013. There are a number of predictions on what the “hottest marketing strategy” might be, so your next job is to sort through the various headlines that marketing gurus are going to tout as the next best thing.

To help you with this task, we have summed up some of the most important trends that will have a significant impact for online and affiliate marketers in 2013:

  • Mobile Marketing: Due to the growing popularity of smartphone use, marketers will have to respond by creating multi-screen functionalities for their content. Channel-specific marketing techniques and content in reaching more consumers need to be focused on by content creators. This is brought about by the demand to engage your target audience in different kinds of devices.

 • Relationship Building: Companies who are currently doing online contact-web analytics will go beyond to including social marketing, and more businesses will realize the importance of this factor as consumers are going to place connections higher in their priorities.

 • Outsourcing: Since content is shifting toward context while maintaining quantity, more online businesses are going to need outsourcing and support services.

 • Order Confirmation Calls: Another notable 2013 marketing trend is the need to create extra income opportunities. Order Confirmation Calls will continue to be in demand if not more so than ever.

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